How To Drink Wine


While drinking wine apply 5 s concept of feeling and experiencing wine to its fullest. There are five basic steps in testing or drinking wine : See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savor.


1. SEE: first of all after opening the wine bottle decant it and allow wine to take breath for 5- 10 minutes then pour wine into wine glasses and see it. See legs of wine, wine clarity etc.


2. SWIRL: Swirl wine into your glass to release aroma of the wine. It helps in developing taste of wine.


3. SNIFF: take a deep fragrance of wine with tilting wine glass. Get different aromas from wine. This is done because most sensory

organs are found in nose and sniffing of wine prepares our body to take wine and at the same time it also gives us freshness.


4. SIP: this is very crucial step in drinking wine. Takes a small sip of wine and allow wine to reach to every taste bud. This gives us taste of wine.

5. SAVOR: once after taking a small sip keep it in mouth and suck air. It involves perception of its array of taste and mouth feels attributes.


Note: Please do not mix water, soda or any soft drink while drinking wine, It spoils wine.

Moderate Consumption: (Male 120-180 ml per day)

(Female 60-120 ml per day)

Serving Temp : Red Wines goes well at 16-20°C

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